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Geographical locations and colder climates, are increasingly becoming important factors to consider for data centers. In fact, green data centers have become a growing trend in Europe, with major technology firms like Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and Google (NASDAQ: GOOG, GOOGL) going for the cold climates in the Scandinavian regions, in order to mitigate the extensive high costs of cooling their server infrastructure.- All thanks to the combination of cheap power and cold weather!

Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted more than a dozen photos of the company’s advanced technology in Luleå data center. The company chose this location because of it’s fierce cold temperatures in order to help keep the the firm’s high performance computers cool. According to sources, this is the most energy efficient computing facility ever built.


Mark Zuckerberg/ Facebook

On his Facebook wall, Mark Zuckerberg  explained the importance of these  enormous fans  stating that they “draw in the outside air to cool the tens of thousands of servers in the data hall. In the winter, when temperatures plunge to -30 degrees the situation is reversed, and the heat from the servers warm the massive buildings.”

Here’s  what Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Faceboook wall about the data room at the  firm’s  ‘Node Pole’ in Luleå-


“You probably don’t think about Luleå when you share with friends on Facebook, but it’s an example of the incredibly complex technology infrastructure that keeps the world connected” – Mark Zuckerberg